treat of the week: magical grocery store flowers

Friday, June 10, 2011 |
It's summer (at least in Texas), the end of a long week (most likely) and if you're anything like us, your house needs a little ... spring in it's step! May we recommend a treat that came to home from the store this week? Grocery Store Flowers! That's right. These little beauties ($4.99 with reward card) started out like nothing special. Pretty flowers in a plastic sleeve - nothing fancy - just ... fine. But, they came, home, the vases/holders/fun containers came out of the drawer, and the $4.99 flowers turned into something magic! 4 containers of roses to be spread around the house - and to add a little magic to every room.

So, this weekend, when you're at the store, stocking up on milk, and eggs, and other non-fun but totally necessary items, treat yourself to some flowers - then take them home, break them apart, and turn them into your own bit of magic!

Happy Weekend!

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