treat of the week: run, don't walk, to Target to get yours

Friday, May 6, 2011 |

We know that, technically, this shouldn't be a treat of the week. After all, it does cost more than $10.00! But we are able to rationalize ANYTHING - that ice cream you had last night? Not bad ... good ... it was calcium! So this adorable ceramic elephant teapot from the Calypso line for Target totally counts as a treat of the week. It costs $12.99 which yes, is technically more than $10.00 but, we've done a lot of treats of the week that cost nothing, so it all balances out. Plus, it serves dual purposes. You can use it as intended (as a pitcher or teapot) or you can use it as a vase (bonus: these flowers were from the yard so no additional cost for a super cute flower arrangement).

Yes, technically more than $10 but, how many things do you have that can serve double duty, are adorable, make you smile, and that you'll use for years to come?

Here's our advice to you: RUN, DON'T WALK, to Target to get yours. They come in turqouise or a sort of pink-y red color but our store didn't have very many. Get yours before they're gone.

Happy Friday!

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Sarah Mar'atul Azizah said...

following from swell | swag
thanks for the giveaway dear ;D
i'm entering..

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