treat of the week: a new way to organize

Friday, April 15, 2011 |
This week's treat is a fantastic solution to an everyday problem - and it comes from Really Cute Customer Jennifer! Mason Jars! If you're like us you probably hate a messy pantry. And, if you're like us you're probably always searching for the perfect solution to organizing certain things - like cupcake liners. They're adorable, you need them for baking cupcakes, and if you aren't careful they will TAKE OVER your pantry/drawers/cabinets. How often does the lid on the container come off and you find cupcake liners all over your floor? Corral your liners in a mason jar and those problems disappear. Check out Jennifer's pantry full of Mason Jars ... so cute! And at around $2 each they're also easy on the wallet! Thanks Jennifer for the Really Cute Tip! Do you have an idea for a treat of the week? It needs to be really cute and it has to cost $10 or less. Send us an email and your treat might be featured next! Have a great weekend!

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