treat of the week: a hint of spring

Friday, February 11, 2011 |
It's February - it's cold - and chances are it either snowed again or, even worse, it's still snowing. So, what to do??? This week, when you're at the grocery store ('cause no matter how much snow there is, you still need food) pick up some fresh flowers, our treat of the week!

We LOVE fresh flowers - check out the tulips above - and think that they're the perfect way to bring a little spring into your house even when there is snow on the ground. Check out the tulips that one of us got at the grocery store this week (less than $7 for a bunch). Divided into a few containers and spread around the house, a bunch of flowers of any type, at any price point, will instantly add a little cheer to your house - and maybe even put a little spring in your step.
Happy Friday!

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