really cute treat of the week: pentel pens

Friday, January 14, 2011 |
Let us take a minute to introduce you to one of our favorite new things - the Pentel Color Pen Fine Point #S360. They come in a variety of fun colors (light green #111 pictured below) and aren't super skinny. Speaking from personal experience, they also make your grocery list a lot cuter! And what do these little bundles of goodness cost? Only $0.94 on the Pentel Website! That's right, less than $1! Not patient enough to wait for the mailman to deliver? Check out your local specialty store - the one that has the wall of fun pens - it may cost a little bit more money but it will be worth it.

Join us next week as we introduce you to another of our favorite treats costing less than $10 - because treating yourself to something fun doesn't have to cost a lot!
Happy Friday!

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Tote said...

Thank you so much!! I emailed you, not sure what other information you need. Please let me know.
Thanks again!!


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